Amanda Lange’s ‘On Games as A Confessional’

This piece by games blogger and developer Amanda Lange raises an interesting point that I’ve never really thought about before:

“If one’s work is not personal, then the work is expected to be excellent. But work that is very personal, without necessarily being excellent, often gets discussed anyway… it gets a pass.”

It’s made me think about a lot of things. Particularly about my own reaction to games, particularly many recently made Twine games. But also about my own insecurity about my worth as Someone Who Makes Games. I don’t have any solid conclusions yet though, because thinking is hard.

Anyway, her post is well worth reading. So read it:

In the article she links to a comment by ‘often annoys me by being weirdly myopic, but sometimes relatively insightful’ Raph Koster that asks for non-personal, non-melancholic Twine games. There are lots, obviously, but here’s one I really like:

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