The Red Market

The Red Market - Title

(Currently in development (last update: The Traumatic Update [2019-05-17])

The Red Market is a narrative, text-based monster hunting, trading, breeding, and eating simulator:

  • Choose one of five characters with unique benefits (e.g. influence with high society as a result of your loveless cage of a marriage to a local captain of industry) and drawbacks (e.g. an empty, ravenous void where your humanity once was).
  • Send out expeditions to capture dangerous and disquieting monsters.
  • Cook them into disquieting dishes.
  • Cross-breed them into arguably yet more disquieting offspring.
  • Sell them for profit, or else be crushed, gored, dissolved, enveloped, consumed, or hollowed out and inhabited by them in turn; your limbs moving at their command; their eyes looking out through your own.

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Made in Inkle’s amazing narrative scripting language ‘Ink’. It’s currently mid-development, with new major updates going live every fortnight.

Inspired by ‘Fallen London’, Chandler Groover’s ‘The Queen’s Menagerie’ and Eat Me’, the ‘Sorcery!’ series, Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hall’, Amy Sackville’s ‘Painter to the King’, and all the disquieting things that lurk at the margins of the world; just out of sight.

Exclusively available for the personal computer, though discussions for an N-Gage port are currently underway with Nokia.