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New Life on Haruspex Games, and a Reminder about ‘Kiso Valley Diary’

Hi again! Not much has been going on here lately, has there? I’ve been pretty busy blah blah who isn’t? Anyway, when I have had time to write I’ve been posting everything on my other blog – Kiso Valley Diary. … Continue reading

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Introducing ‘Kiso Valley Diary’ – A Blog About Life in Japan

Hi there! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. sorry about that – life kind of got in the way. I’m intending to get back to game dev sometime in the next few months, but in the … Continue reading

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Life in Japan #3: 13 Reasons Why You Should Learn Kanji

According to lots of people far smarter than me, Japanese is either one of the hardest, or the hardest language for English speakers to learn. But why? It’s very different from English, obviously, but so are lots of other languages. And Japanese … Continue reading

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