A Slight Shift in Purpose

So I’m back home now. Hurrah. Well, this blog would seem to be defunct right about now, considering its M.O. has always been to let people back home know how I’m getting on stateside. But now I’m figuring that it’s going to be pretty hard to keep up with everyone back in the States, and considering how busy I’ll often be I thought it might be a good idea to flip the purpose of this blog round a hundred and eighty degrees so that I can keep my friends in America who are interested, and I’m presuming there are some of you, informed on anything interesting or momentous that’s occurring in my life now I’m home.  It’ll probably stay pretty sporadic, since I don’t have vastly interesting things happening to me on a regular basis, but I’m sure I’ll think of something semi-amusing from which I can wring a few flaccid anecdotes. Stay tuned if you like.

Oh, and I’m also probably going to blather on about some film I like, or a book I’m reading, or some such from time to time. Again, if you’re interested, feel free to keep an eye out.

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