Terps vs. Wake Forest

Now, I’m not exactly someone who watches sports on anything close to a regular basis. I had to watch an American football while I was over here, though. And considering there was a game against Wake Forest on the weekend my dad was coming to visit, that seemed like as good a time as any. I know very little about how American football actually works, so I can’t exactly provide the greatest commentary on the game I watched. I can say that the university marching band opened the game, and then the football players proceeded to beat the hell out of each other for a good length of time. While the game itself was interesting, the half-time show was probably the most impressive part of the game, as the pictures will probably make clear. The marching band was really impressive, and they even managed to take part in a thirty-second Thriller dance during half-time. I managed to get a couple of pictures of that, but they don’t really capture how it all really was to see. I should probably mention that this is our university football stadium, and that while it’s impressive as hell it’s dwarfed by the Comcast Centre (our basketball stadium). Most things are indeed bigger in America.

Oh, and a couple notes about the pictures; one of them seems to be a picture of a man looking at me with an odd expression. This was my attempt to get a shot of a flyover by four jet-planes that occurred before the start of the game. Another thing; at several points throughout the pre-game and half-time shows my camera seemed to swivel round of its own accord and uncontrollably take pictures of a group of cheerleaders. I’m not sure why this happened, exactly.


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