F***ing Magnets, How Do They Work?

I’ m currently sitting in my living room watching my flatmate, David, play Pokémon Puzzle League. He’s fighting Mewtwo for what I can only estimate to be the eleventh time today. Yes, it’s almost ten o’clock on a saturday night. No I should not be ashamed. We’re killing time until eleven, when we’re set to go to a party. A party that is, I’m told, pretty great. You have to pay $10 to get in if you want to drink, but I figure I can probably break even if I have a fair amount of alcohol. That is a joke, of course, the drinking age here is 21.

So we’re going to head out soon, and it should be a lot of fun. Earlier today David and I went into D.C. with a few people, and we went first to the Air and Space Museum, and then for dinner in Chinatown. I realised how much fun I am to be around when I started questioning the veracity of the museum’s display on Galileo and the Copernican Revolution. I have just spent the last month studying the Copernican Revolution in my Philosophy of Science class, but that’s not really an excuse. The day in D.C. was great though, and I really should go down next weekend to walk around and see some more things. There’s an exhibition on Rothko at the National Gallery of Art that I’d really like to see, and I’ll probably head down to that next weekend. I’m sure Annie’s probably going to make a smart-alec comment having a go at me for liking Rothko, so I’m going to preempt that right now and say that yes, he does just paint blocks of colour. That doesn’t mean you have to be pretentious to like him, but hey, I suppose it helps.

On wednesday and thursday past the university held their ‘first look fair’, which is where all the university clubs and societies put up a stand and try to get people to join. It was great, although at one point I accidentally walked down the Fraternities & Sororities aisle and spent the next fifteen minutes talking to the head of a fraternity, who wanted me to rush. I would exactly call myself the fraternity type, and I’m only here for a year, so I left, sadly, a non-member of Phi Sigma Kappa. Then I walked past a guy talking to some very disinterested girls at one of the counters. I think he was trying to join their sorority. Not much later, I talked to a bunch of the people heading the society stands, and set myself up to join a fair few. There’s the badminton club, the paintball club, the Weekend Players (they’re a theatre troupe, and you have to audition to get in. I haven’t acted in years, and I’m sure there’s loads of theatre majors there already, so I probably won’t get in, but I’m hoping the audition has me acting as a character with a British accent. If so I at least stand a chance), The Stylus, which is a literary journal (or, if you’re feeling less than pretentious, a magazine where you can read some students writing about feeling alienated), and a couple others I’m not sure if I’m going to pursue or not. There’s another club that I’m definitely joining, which is really quite exciting, but I know Annie will be reading this and, for her at least, it’s a secret, so I can’t mention it.

I said to myself this was going to be a short entry, as I need to go get ready in a bit, so I suppose I’ll wrap this up. David’s still fighting in the Pokémon Puzzle League at the moment. It’s now 10:40.

By the way, the title of this entry comes from a song by a group called Insane Clown Posse. David told me about it a couple of days ago, and now we can’t stop questioning how magnets operate. If you’re not keen on hearing the occasional swear, well, best not to follow this link. It’s delightful. I could write something about every second of this music video, but I think it can speak for itself.

Now I realise most people won’t care, but here goes:

of Montreal released a new album: False Priest. It’s very good, buy it here if you like them, or are confident you will. You can probably listen to it on Spotify as well, but I wouldn’t know because it doesn’t bloody work in America. If you haven’t heard of Montreal and want to get into them I’d recommend Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Now I know that’s on spotify if you care to listen. Might take a while to get into but once you do it’s definitely worth it.

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