Originally this was one of those self-indulgent travel blogs university students make when they go to study in a foreign country. I went to America, and so I wrote about everything from clandestine drinking to seeing a guy brazenly carrying a Confederate flag around the Lincoln Memorial. Now I live in Japan, so I sometimes write self-indulgent blog posts in the format of ‘I live in Japan and imagine everyone else is probably interested in that’.

I also write about videogames. They’re great, aren’t they?

I’m particularly interested in worldbuilding and narrative in games. Like that bit where the car goes over the thing. I’m also interested in one day finding out why so many games have incredibly bad titles. My favourite bad title for a game is probably ‘Men of War: Assault Squad’, because come on now.

I also make games. But I’m only just beginning to learn to program, so I imagine it’ll be a couple of years before I release my opus ‘Metasyntactic Variables of War: The Dangerous Subtitle’, which will be a first-person shooter with RPG elements. Platforms are yet to be announced.

We here at Haruspex Games do not believe in the affective fallacy.



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